So, last week, Riff Raff a.k.a. Jody Highroller a.k.a. "Rap Game James Franco" a.k.a. whatever, you get it, it's Riff Raff, and he stopped by The COMPLEX Complex at this year's SXSW festival.

And something

He did, however, take the time to inform us that, among other things:

- He's too big for South by Southwest (the same festival Jay Z and Kanye West performed at this year).
- He's not pleased that Complex won't give him a cover, because something about the Internet.
- The color of his watch and new Paul Wall-authorized grill is "aqua-berry."
- He is now the owner of the greatest grill of all time.

Among other things.

Honestly, we have no idea why this interview went the way it did. All we know is that Complex associate editor Insanul Ahmed definitely tried to keep this on track. The results, as you can see above, were noble at best, but fundamentally fucked at worst.

On that note: Enjoy.

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