Everyone knows about Rick Ross' exploits in the studio and on stage. But who really is the man behind all the Boss-talk? In a new piece with US Weekly, the veteran rap star opens up a bit by sharing some interesting facts about his life.

One of the more notable tidbits is that Ross considers himself a vintage video game collector. That's right, Rozay is dropping serious dough so he can own all the games that have come out on Coleco. Evidently he's a collector of tattoos as well. Rick Ross says he has over 500 tats on his body, which means he spends more time with his shirt off than you think. There's a few quirky facts too, like how Ross had never tried kale salad up until his interview with the magazine. Or that he owns one of the largest residential pools in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, Ross lists Ice Cube as his favorite rapper. This admiration for the West Coast MC seems to be a new development for Ross, who listed TupacThe Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Birdman, and Diddy as his favorite rappers during an interview in 2012. Who gets knocked off that list for Cube?

[via US Weekly]

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