The second part of Rick Ross' interview with Elliott Wilson has been released, and it opens with the veteran Carol City rapper briefly talking about his correctional officer past. The topic is one that Ross has been fairly sensitive about, though he's referenced it a handful of times in his lyrics. The first time was on his 2009 album Deeper Than Rap on "Valley of Death." More recently, he touched on it on his record "Rich Is Gangsta" off Mastermind. "I'm talking about me being a former corrections officer," he says. "Me doing certain things just to play my part. Which has never been nothing I'm ashamed of."

Later, Ross talks about forming his Maybach Music Group roster, which initially began with the signings of Meek Mill and Wale. He describes the passion they have for their craft, especially Meek, who he met when the Philadelphia rapper was fresh out of jail. Rozay says after they collaborated on Meek Mill's "Rosé Red," he knew he would be a perfect fit for his team. Ross also shares a humorous story about him and Meek Mill having similar government names. Ross' legal name is William Roberts. Meek's is Robert Williams.

During their conversation, Elliott Wilson asks Ross about his history with Kanye West. The rapper says their musical friendship dates back to 2003, when he was ghostwriting for a rapper that Kanye was working with. "I could kind of see he's an arrogant nigga like I am, you gotta love that shit," Ross states. He also reveals he had plans for Kanye to fully produced his debut project, but then Ye's car accident happened. "We had actually discussed that," Ross says. "It may have been three weeks before he was in an auto[mobile] accident when we discussed that."

Watch the full clip of part two above, where Ross also talks about his relationship with Lil Wayne. His album Mastermind is available now.

[via Rap Radar]

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