Raz Simone takes you into his Seattle life with his new mixtape Cognitive Dissonance: Part One. Raz released "Don't Shine" earlier this year, and has been steadily making a name for himself as the first rapper signed to industry veteran Lyor Cohen's new 300 Entertainment.

Forbes spotlighted the label and its digital-centric approach to signing artists, which includes a partnership with Twitter. "Our whole desire is to find talent and help shepherd them along, and bring them to the world in a highly respectful and very powerful way,” said Cohen. “And we feel that in this digital world, that you can do it with significantly fewer people.”

Kevin Liles added that the team will still rely on gut intuition too. “It’s going to always be our gut first once you get that information. I would say 20% information, 80% what we do every single day. Because no piece of technology could ever find it, nurture it, bring it to market [and] also know when to say ‘no.’”

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