So, I'm pretty sure there's long been third party apps that allowed you to look up your first tweet. I know this because in the past, in a supreme act of vanity, I looked up my first tweet before. But since today is Twitter's 8th birthday (happy birthday!) Twitter launched a website called that allow users to look up their first tweet or any user's first tweet. 

That's probably why everyone on your timeline today has been looking up their first tweet. How adorable!

But we don't care about regular people, we just wanna know what rappers are up to. So to save you the trouble of having to look up the first tweet of every rapper you follow (which, let's face it, is more than you care to admit) we went and did it for you with a wide range of rappers including Action Bronson, Rick Ross, Drake and many more. Check out 25 Rappers' First Tweets.

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