Most of the music world is down in Austin right now, and while we hate to think about it, that can attract all kinds of shifty individuals. Paper Diamond tweeted earlier that his tan MCM backpack was stolen from a back stage area. The contents of this backpack included the new EP he was working on, which is rough for us because we need to hear some new material. This isn't a really new ordeal, though: earlier this year, Keys N Krates had a laptop stolen from them, as did Mr. Carmack. Last year the likes of Avicii, Eats Everything, and Luminox have had their gear stolen as well. We can only hope that producers and DJs start keeping better backups of their files, so if there is ever an unfortunate event like having a hard drive die or having your gear stolen, you have some kind of backup so you're not shit out of music and your equipment.

Hopefully Paper Diamond's backpack is giving back to him.

UPDATE It looks like Paper Diamond ended up getting his backpack back. Nice one.

(EDM Sauce)