Am I feeding a troll? Quite possibly, but the way K3vin Envoy is jumping out of the box, I can't help but feel some type of way. You remember K3vin Envoy, right? His particular situation was brought to our attention two weeks ago, where a hungry group of Redditers found that a massive amount of his tracks were for sale on iTunes and Amazon... and they were direct ripoffs of music from Feed Me, Infuze, Wilkinson, and others. We figured the powers that be would go ahead and see the error in their way and remove his music from those stores, where he could potentially be profiting from work that is obviously not his.

Boy were we wrong.

Now I personally sent K3vin Envoy and his manager/publicist an email after that post, asking for some kind of explanation regarding what appears to be the direct theft and resale of copyright material. Did I get an answer? Of course not. I did happen to find the tweets up above, which have concerned me. Not because I give a shit if anyone doesn't consider a blog or a blogger a reputable source; believe what you want. But you saying someone should "check BMI," when I've listened to your music side-by-side with tracks from other producers and they sound too similar is crazy. Deceiving someone to get a copyright on something you didn't produce and then trying to hide behind it when "your songs" are called into question isn't scaring me, nor is it the right way to go about this. And before you go into it again, this isn't about me thinking I'm a producer (I know I'm not), nor me even going into you comparing yourself to Elvis or the Beatles; this is about the artists who could potentially be losing out due to someone selling content that isn't theirs.

So here's what I propose: K3vin Envoy, can you show us a video of the studio session that birthed, say, the track "Number One In Heaven" from your Altered States album? Is there a way we can see the original stems and production so you can prove that you didn't just jack the Infuze remix of MNDR's "#1 In Heaven?" Because without that proof, the mountain of questions isstacked way higher than your tweets. And this isn't to say that you don't have original production, but we've seen too many instances where music you're selling appears to have just been stolen and resold with your name on it.

Show and prove, K3vin, show and prove.