Usually, the best way to fail at being an EDM artist is to make crappy tunes, or be a crappy DJ. Pretty cut and dry, right? You suck at build-ups or just have unoriginal ideas, no one wants to buy your crap. You suck at DJing? Why would anyone want to see you? Some go a different route: the misrepresentation route. It's an awkward route, as you deceiving people from the gate is not only bad form, but an easy reason for people to hate you from jump.

Then you have K3vin Envoy, who seems to be the kind of plagiarist who might be trolling. Just check out this guy's bio; it's a goddamn gem:

"Dance, dance! K3VIN ENVOY will do just that, get you out of your seat and out on the dance floor, put your hands up and go higher and higher. K3VIN ENVOY has taken electronic music to the next level, creating a fusion of art that has gained attention in the global underground as well as pop radio and billboard market. ENVOY blends genres and styles that often don’t mix together. He does it in such an eclectic way that it captures the listener’s attention."

This discovery started where many do... on Reddit. Apparently this guy released an album, Playground, in December, but he has a funny way of "creating a fusion of art." I didn't know "taking electronic music to the next level" meant straight-up jacking people's music and claiming it as his own. For example, the Playground track "Be True" is actually this track from Feed Me:

It's not just the album tracks, though. This genius actually jacked a Wilkinson remix of a Wiley tune and called it his own - WITH THE VOCALS IN TACT:

K3vin Envoy's first album, Altered States, looks like a remix project which finds him ganking an Infuze remix of MNDR's "#1 In Heaven":

This is just the tip of the iceberg; this guy is selling 180 or so tracks on Amazon (via his "Envoy Records" imprint). He also has over 119K likes on his Facebook page... although for as often as he's posting, his engagement is pretty goddamn low (maybe two-three likes on each post?). It looks like a classic case of buying Facebook likes to inflate the music he's stolen and could possibly be profiting from via Amazon and iTunes. And as you can see from the pictures up above, he's pretty goddamn awful at Photoshopping his face onto the bodies of models, and Armin van Buuren. It looks like his booking agent, Sherri Catizone, has fell victim to the same bad Photoshoppery as well:


We figure you're asking "so, DAD, why the fuck do you care?" Aside from the obvious situation of openly stealing music and plastering his name on it, it's the fact that, regardless of what you think, social media numbers = status in this day and age. You could say "who the fuck is K3vin Envoy and why does he have all of those Facebook likes?," an untrained booker could potentially see his FB page, Google "K3vin Envoy" and, in seeing all of these albums on Amazon and iTunes, think "this guy is legit." K3vin will be booked, and no money will go back to guys like Infuze, Feed Me, Gemini, Wilkinson, and the countless others he's stealing music from. And while it looks like K3vin's entire SoundCloud page now only consists of one track (we're hoping the producers in question had DMCA requests to SoundCloud), the stolen songs are still up for sale on Amazon and iTunes! How this went undetected for so long is frustrating, but if we all scream loud enough, and show people that you can't just do this and profit, the more others who engage in this sort of activity will be more cautious in the future.

A DAD can dream, right?

(EDM Sauce)