Jackmaster's recipe for his recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is simple: 117 minutes, 34 tracks, two Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus units, one Technics 1210, one Allen & Heath DB2 mixer and 10 cans of Tennents Lager. The result? One of the most amazing Essential Mixes we'd heard in a while. You could already assume that Jackmaster would bring the beauty, but this set really took things to a new realm of possibility. He did us one better, though: we got a press release that had him breaking down why he threw each tune in the mix. We did our best to get audio on each tune (some of these are yet-to-be-released), but your best bet might be to give the full mix a listen and read along to this track-by-track digestion of one of 2014's best Essential Mixes, so far.