At least we think they did. With so many tweets disappearing (shouts to Consequence of Sound for rounding up what's been deleted), it's hard to get a grasp of what happened between Hudson Mohawke and Zomby on Friday night at London's XOYO nightclub, but something had to have gone down.

We don't even know WHY this went down, but to hear Zomby tell it, he caught Hud Mo three times in the face, cutting his hand on Hud Mo's teeth. Whatever security was around apparently knew Zomby, and didn't interfere... they even smoked with Hud Mo, allegedly. He also said that Hud Mo is "a hoe" that "makes givenchy look cheap." Hud Mo might be seeing it differently, calling Zomby a "poor boy that gets his mans 2 take it to actual violence." Does that mean Zomby's people roughed Hud Mo up, and not Zomby himself? In any case, Hud Mo says that he "reallyy realllly feel sorry for this guy its a terrible shame cos i think he’s capable of making good shit but fucking it up 4 himself."

Zomby says there's apparently security footage of this altercation, but we're still trying to figure out WHY any of this took place. Hudson Mohawke and Zomby are known for speaking their minds (at least on Twitter), so we imagine they don't hold their tongues in real life. We'll keep you posted on any updates to this story.