Damien Lemon: "Your act is not always going to be 100% accurate because of the stage, so you got to heighten it. You can be dishonest. Like, your wife may not really be your wife, or the stuff that you’re saying about your wife might not really be, that’s like your comedy wife.

"So there are the characters. Rick Ross is the bawse. Andrew Dice Clay is just a persona. You see people become characters, they sell more as the persona. Look at Rodney Dangerfield saying 'I get no respect.' In all honesty, Rodney Dangerfield was one of the most respected in the game, but that became his shtick.

"Some people lock into a character. Carrot Top is a character. It would probably blow people’s minds if Carrot Top broke down and just got real about shit. You wouldn’t be expecting that. Like, 'Wait a minute? Where the props?' And he's like, 'Fuck the props, I’m going to tell you about my divorce.' You’d be like 'Whoa.'"