It is a fact that Lena Dunham's Girls does not have enough rappers in starring roles. It was just as true during the first season as it was during the third, which just came to a close Sunday, and it is just as unacceptable. Since the dramedy about twentysomethings striving in Brooklyn—basically the set-up for many a classic album—wouldn't give the rap world the respect and recognition it deserves, we brought the rap world to Girls.

More specifically, we brought Young Money to Girls.

Actually, it does make sense. Navel-gazing Hannah is Drake. Energetic and intense Marnie is Nicki Minaj. Perpetually neglected and undervalued Shoshanna is Tyga. And cool-but-destructive-and-more-often-than-not-fucked-up-on-drugs-and-life Jessa is Lil Wayne.

That's enough explaining—just check the video.

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