Back in October, we got mesmerized by "Flying," a track from Grandtheft and Smalltown DJs that felt like a breath of fresh air during a time when the trap and twerk scenes were getting stale. Main Course, the label that gave it away, can never leave well enough alone (which we love about them), and commissioned a trio of remixes to go along with the cut, and they have us open. First up is ETC!ETC!'s take, which blends a twisted noise atop his twonk'd up riddim, really giving the ladies something to play off of while they're winding those waists. Cobra Krames keeps it closer to the original, twisting the horn onto a straight-forward twerk/club bounce. The one who really smashes this is 4B, who gives this one a proper club thump that we cant' deny. He might've one this round. You can cop these via iTunes, or download them for free. Do you.