The cool thing about running the internet is finding superstars on Facebook before they're superstars. And that random Friday night where they're sitting at home grooving to their new shit on their webcam becomes news when they throw links up on their personal pages. There's levels to this blog shit, I promise you.

But when Josh from Flosstradamus previews two unreleased records and uploads them to YouTube, we can't do anything but grin. Not only does no other site have this up, but they won't figure it out until Monday because they're out partying.  We don't sleep.  It's just the facts.

These records are crazy, though.  One has a sample of Kelis' vocals on "Bossy." And the other is just turbo. There's also a heartfelt thanks to all of his fans. Internet wins on the low. We'll be sure to round back when we know when and where these records are coming out. In the meantime, enjoy the tease.