We got introduced to Emerald Soul during Diplo's "Access All Areas" mix for Diplo & Friends, and his tune "Stare" had us open. It was the only tune on his SoundCloud, so it was hard to say if he'd have more up his sleeve, but we heard good words from some friends of ours about what he'd be bringing to the table. His next bit, though? "Fire Pit" is awesome. You've got a strong ear for percussion on a record that we're not sure would work as a dance record... but it will have you bopping. The looped, breath-y vocal in here helps heighten the intensity. It feels like something you'd play at a tribal ceremony, dancing around a huge bonfire. It's gorgeous and exotic and hypnotic. You win, Emerald Soul. You win.

This will apparently be on the forthcoming STHWST Vol. III compilation, although from what Emerald Soul is saying, don't expect anything else on it to sound like "Fire Pit."