We've given the young Finish producer Elaksi love before.  He's only 19 and it seems like these kids with all the free time on their hands everyday are figuring out how to make quality music in greater numbers by the day.  And of course Elaski is being productive and following the path to internet music success in 2014 by cranking out consistent material on the reg.  This new one "Shining" though.  It didn't catch me right away and I think it's because of the OneRepublic sample from "All The Right Moves" (maybe more recognizable when you think of Rusko's "Everyday") being used in the track so much.  But I eventually got over it and the rest of the production is pretty freaking cool for a record at this tempo.  Spaced out and airy trap mixed in with a double time flip that is an impressive take on deep house and lo-fi garage.  All in all, a pretty impressive record.

(Run The Trap)