What does the continued growth of the EDM scene mean? No, not more advertisers. No, not more overdoses. We're talking about the overall number of people attending EDM festivals. EDM is made to be danced to, and the American festival season is on the rise as well. It's easy to see why so much money is being poured into EDM not to cultivate new labels or artists but to improve upon (and expand) the festival circuit. If the bubble's expanding, it's because of these events. That said, with more EDM hitting the radio, new listeners are finding out about the dance music scene and, you're bound to get more newbies hitting their first EDM shows in 2014. Don't fret, though, DAD has you covered. We wanted to hit you guys with some quick tips to help you not only get prepared for what you're about to experience, but to enter the EDM festival circuit as safely as possible.