At this point, whenever two members of San Francisco house juggernaut DirtyBird Records combine talents, it's the sonic equivalent of a "Choose Your Adventure" novel with a blissful ending absolutely guaranteed. Justin Martin's based in San Francisco, while Eats Everything is in Bristol in the UK. However, when the two production titans commingle their talents, magic emanates from the speakers to the dance floor. Out on March 31, their Hello Mr. Jello EP features two tracks, "Steven Jello" and "Kong."

"Steven Jello" sounds like a ponderous deep house track stuffed into a Slinky and tossed into weightlessness. It bends more than it breaks, funk tossed into a time warp and emerging draped in an optimal amount of vibes. "Kong" is massive and deep, what happens when a dump truck speeds down a highway into the void. A thumping rumbler given the space to groove, it's possibly one of the most aurally unique tracks of 2014-to-date.

Hello Mr Jello is available for members of Dirtybird's Birdhouse group on March 28, on Beatport on March 31, and available both worldwide and on vinyl by April 15.