I've seen a lot of nutty music videos in my time surveying the dance music scene, but this might be the first time I was amazed by how ill one of these wacky scenarios got done. Sure, we've seen the canine astronauts all over Dog Blood covers, but I was NOT expecting to ever get an animated clip that features two canine astronauts dropping in on the Earth. It looks pristine, like a black and white graphic novel. It's a well-crafted clip that tells a solid tale. Coming on the heels of the release of the Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes this week, it's a great look back at one of 2013's best EPs.

Adding onto that remix pack is the freebie download of Mr. Oizo's "Chella Ride" remix, which feels like the sequel to the video, post whatever-the-fuck-happened. Enjoy both.