Earlier today, I wrote a piece about a song that recently topped the UK pop charts, bumping Pharrell's "Happy" down a few notches. Entitled "My Love," the single by Route 94 was emblematic of a new sound that has crept into UK dance music over the past year or two. And that sound is, in part, dependent on the artistry of a UK DJ and producer who goes by the name DJ Q. And today, his debut album was released, which you can now stream at Pitchfork. If you're fucking with it, it's available to buy on iTunes and, if you feel like paying import prices, vinyl. 

Like what you hear? Well, DJ Q's work pre-dates his debut. Q first burst on the scene with a "bassline" house song (the UK has a lot of dance subgenres) called "You Wot," although out of context it sounds a bit ridiculous (and very British). The best way to really get an idea for what he "does," and the impact he's had, is to listen to his DJ mixes—which are free, and give a better idea of how these dance tracks function in a "real setting." The best of his mixes can be found on this blog; critic Tim Finney, who's been paying close attention to this scene, recommends the mixes of March, May, and July.

[Via Pitchfork]

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