Oh, Carnage.  Our favorite Chipotle customer just pulled a win out of his ass, and we can't help but smirk.  The @DJCarnageLives Twitter handle has been an inconsistent but hilarious staple in the EDM scene, even if only a few of us were paying attention.  It paints him as an egotistical maniac, and is absolutely hilarious.  The account has been followed by tons of bloggers (even written up by a few), as well as Giraffage, Luminox, What So Not, Craze, and even Carnage himself.  And while most people would cringe at the PR nightmare that this account could have become, Carnage decided to not only big the account up in a recent THUMP interview, but he took a couple of the quotes from @DJCarnageLives and post them on moving billboards in Miami during Winter Music Conference.  He's effectively bathed in the hate, and it's absolutely magnificent.