One of the biggest "new" names that was huge standout to me in 2013 was Buku.  This young dude from Pittsburgh just went in so hard on everything he dropped last year and none of it sounded like anyone else.  You've got to think this is why Buku is really starting to win.  With cosigns from everyone who matters, he's set for another break out year in 2014.  All the more reason to snag him for our SXSW jump off with Peligrosa and Karmaloop, right?  That's just what we did and he'll be slaying anything and everything in his path on Friday, March 14 at Chupucabra.

In a reach out effort to get you a bit of an artist profile and what makes this young bass music hero tick, I got to catch up with him for a few minutes earlier this week on the phone.  He tossed some insight on some new material, what defines his sound and how he's psyched for next week.

Tell us who you are.
I am Buku, an electronic musician from Pittsburgh, PA and am now living in Brooklyn, NY.  I'm 24.

Tell us a little bit about your sound.
I like to describe my sound as I try to keep it simple.  You can call it bass music but with a strong hip-hop influence, drawing influence from old school and riddim dubstep too.  But always keeping in know...the hot shit.  Always working to keep things current.

Absolutely.  The Down EP was the last thing you've formally released correct?

And I would guess you have a number of releases lined up for this year...
Well...yeah I've got a bit of dope stuff coming up that I can't quite talk about yet!  But expect a lot of pretty big releases...some tunes that I'm really really excited about.  Stuff I think I can make a lot of people happy with.

Is this going to be your first year to head down to Austin for SXSW?
Nah I actually got to go down last year.  I played the Real Trap Shit showcase which was a lot of fun and the SMOG show and a UKF showcase as well.

Nice!  And obviously you're coming down this year to play our showcase next Friday with Peligrosa and Karmaloop.  You excited to get down with us?  How many events do you have total?
Absolutely!  I got to see the lineup for the entire week and this whole showcase you guys are doing is going to be out of control.  I think I've got three all together.  I'm also doing an all trap showcase with some folks like Milo & Otis and LOUDPVCK and then I'm doing a UKF vs. SMOG vs. Firepower showcase as well.

Anything else you want to drop in about your upcoming SXSW excitement?
I think if there's anything else to add...if you don't catch me playing a set, I'm sure you can catch me get wild at Barcelona!  I love that place.