Billboard and Twitter have announced a multi-year partnership to create music charts based off of trending conversations on Twitter. The partnership is fittingly titled "Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts," and will be available for users in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

The charts will reflect what songs are being discussed on Twitter in real-time over an extended period, so when a new Kanye West song drops on one side of the Internet, you'll know about it almost instantaneously. Billboard and Twitter have also signed a Twitter Amplify deal, which will allow Billboard to share custom charts and video highlights inside its tweets. Pretty innovative stuff, and the two companies involved seem to think so too.

“Twitter is where the music of the moment is discovered and discussed — every day, new songs and new artists are breaking on the platform," Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s head of music says. "We’re partnering with Billboard to create a ground-breaking chart to track the conversation around music as it happens. This means when artists share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter, the buzz they create will now be visible to fans, other musicians and industry decision makers in real-time.”

This news comes less than a week after Twitter shut down its #Music app, which didn't last a year on the open market. Hopefully this new partnership will fare better.

[via Billboard]

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