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One of the main stories coming out of Miami this week has been the random hospitalizations that went down. In two days we have Gina Turner going into labor, Afrojack being dehydrated, and Avicii being sent to the hospital. We had a feeling it was serious when we found out that deadmau5 would be replacing him during Saturday night's main stage set at the Ultra Music Festival, but word from Avicii's camp is that he's actually battling something serious. A press release was sent out saying that his stomach and pancreatitis issues have come back; apparently he had pain before he left for Miami but hoped for it to go away. When he landed, they were still there, so he took himself to the hospital. He'll actually be having his gallbladder removed.

It makes sense that they're doing it this way, though; Avicii has a True tour on the horizon, and while it sucks to miss out on the Winter Music Conference, that tour is a huge deal. We hope for a speedy recovery for Avicii. Here is Avicii's statement in full:

"I'm really sorry but as some of you have already heard, I will not be playing Ultra Festival this weekend.

My fans know that I have had issues in the past with my stomach and pancreatitis…I woke up on Wednesday morning with serious pain but I flew to Miami anyway, hoping that it would go away. The pain was still there when I landed so I went straight to hospital. I was treated and left later that night.

Unfortunately, the pain came back yesterday afternoon and I returned to the hospital where they admitted me to stay overnight.

My doctors have decided to operate and remove my gall bladder tomorrow morning.

It's a routine procedure and all going well, I expect to be fully recovered and back on my feet in time for my US True Tour.

Thanks for your concern everyone, it means a lot to me!"