Maybe one of the most intriguing developments of the past decade has been the slow evolution of Treasure Fingers from blog house world champion to tech house heavy hitter. With today's drop of his latest collaboration with Los Angeles by way of Sydney, Australia DJ/producer/vocalist Anna Lunoe, Atlanta's Treasure Fingers has moved "Cross the Dancefloor" into safely being a "Bad MF." The track is released as being by the "Bad Motherfvckers," the duo as a new tandem. Jiving down the rabbit hole with a thumping minimal bassline, dark atmospherics and a sampled vocal, it fits right in the wheelhouse of somewhere between Detroit and Chicago in the early '80s - a classic sound delivered with top-notch style. Not much else is known about the tandem other than the track dropping on the Tumblr site, and a very minimal SoundCloud page. Given the talents of the two though, what their collaborative talents can create has expansive potential.