Yesterday, Afrojack revealed the title of his debut album, Forget The World, which is set to drop on May 19. The interesting part of this news was the fact he also mentioned that the cover art would be revealed via Snapchat, making him the first artist to do so. While we thought this would be a simple throwaway Snapchat of a .jpeg file, this turned into something bigger.

Island Def Jam states that Afrojack is actually the first artist to be featured in Snapchat's "Snapchat Stories" series: "Instead of Snaps disappearing in a matter of seconds, Snapchat Stories will allow users to build a narrative by adding Snaps daily, that will in turn live for 24 hours, before making way for a new Snap the next day. Fun and innovative, it serves as a compelling new way for users to share their stories."

They go on to say that "Afrojack is also set to reveal a snippet of brand new music each day exclusively via Snapchat Stories. This will lead up to his 'Forget The World' album launch party in Miami at the end of the month." Now the only way to catch any of this is to be following RealAfrojack on Snapchat. This should be an interesting rollout, and will only help to expand on how artists are spicing things up in terms of album hype. It's also the direct opposite of Skrillex's Recess rollout, which shows that there's a lot of room in the middle to explore and experiment.