It has been almost a year to the day that we received word of Afrojack's signing with Island, and today we official word regarding Afrojack's debut album. Rolling Stone reports that the album now has a title - Forget The World - and a release date of May 19. He gave us an idea of what the sound of the album would be like, and recently spoke on the album being "drop-less," but this might be the most he's divulged on the project since it was announced.

Features on Forget The World are said to include Sting (on a track called "Catch Tomorrow") and Wiz Khalifa, and word is that the cover art for the album will be shared via Snapchat sometime tomorrow, March 14 (you have to be following his realAfrojack account to see it). Apparently this is a first. In regards to the title, Afrojack says that it's a message "not just to my fans, but also to myself, to always remember to keep following your heart, keep following your path, and never try to let the things around you get you down," which echoes what he told us in our chat last year.

Afrojack goes on to say that the Wiz Khalifa song is "completely different than anything that's in the market right now," and that the end result of his tracks with Wiz and Sting are things that haven't been done before. There's no word on any new singles from the project, so you'll have to wait and hear what that will entail. And if you missed it, check out Afrojack's remix of "Do Or Die" by Thirty Seconds To Mars: