It was just yesterday when Floyd Mayweather offered fellow boxer Adrien Broner some sound advice regarding his career. "I love Adrien Broner," he said. "I think he has a lot to learn…I think he should spend less time on social media, less time trying to be a hip-hop artist and focus more on his craft."

Unfortunately, Broner didn't get the memo. The 24-year-old from Cincinnati has released his new single ".40," which features a guest verse from Southern rapper Rick Ross. The record is catered to the clubs, with hard-hitting production that sounds like an earthquake in the right speakers. Who knows? Maybe Broner will use this as his walk-in music if he decides to fight Amir Khan in the spring.

".40" is off Adrien Broner's upcoming mixtape, About Billions. The project will likely include some work from Soulja Boy, who Broner has worked with in the past on "Make Me" and "Put a Name On It."

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