50 Cent and Steve Stoute exchanged words last night at Madison Square Garden during the Knicks game. At this point, it is not known what the two were talking about, but based on pictures that have surfaced online, it appears as though the conversation was not pleasant. This comes on the heels of Stoute omitting 50 from his list of influential hip-hop acts, arguing that 50 has not been relevant in a long time. "I feel like he's always gearing up for something that never happens," Stoute said. 


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UPDATE 3/2/13 4:55 p.m.: In his classic humorous but provocative style, 50 offered a little more insight as to what the two traded words over by uploading a YouTube video called "When Talking Shit Goes Wrong." The video captions Stoute's recent interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97—Stoute said things like "he has not had a hit in a really long time"—with commentary like "Just Keeps Adding Fuel To The Fire.." and "Funny Guy....." It then cuts to a dramatic reenactment of the two's confrontation courtesy of Tupac and offers the following lesson:

All Jokes Aside

You's shouldn't Talk Shit. About anyone!

LMAO!!! Steve Stoute

Check it out below:

50 Cent's new album, Animal Ambition, is due June 3, and the Queens rapper will be sharing two new singles when the album goes on sale for pre-order March 18.

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