How long before Zedd just takes his music and does a proper live show? He's been on the live-show circuit since January of 2013, hitting both Letterman and Fallon last year, and with a Grammy-winning single ("Clarity") being known as a great live staple, as well as a new single ("Find You") that's easily translatable in a live setting, he might need to at the very least add a live portion to his next tour, where he does a three-to-five song live segment alongside a DJ set (sort of like Avicii's 2013 UMF set, only less-country). Up above is the full six-minute segment from last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (recorded via smartphone from someone's TV), as well as two smartphone videos from someone who was in the crowd during the live outdoor stage performance.

EDIT We've added two higher-quality videos from this performance: