Young Thug has become one of the most divisive artists of the moment. His most recent brush with newsworthiness was this interesting sartorial choice, which has inspired a wave of confused reactions. And its not just his Instagram persona, clothing choices, and septum piercing that have people confused. And no, it's not just the bizarre speculation about his sexuality. 

It's his music, which is every bit as weird as he is. Easily ignorable for those who aren't into Atlanta trap rappers whose music is primarily propelled by strip clubs, Young Thug rocketed to relevance with some very public cosigns by Kanye West and Drake. And that means everyone feels obligated to weigh in on the phenomenon.

But Young Thug's music isn't just weird; it's great, too. At least, sometimes. We've taken a closer look at what his music does, exactly, that is unique and different from the artists in and outside of his circle. He is a songwriter (a good one), and a rapper whose art is as much about the untested possibilities of rapping as it is about conveying a clear-eyed love of Typical Rap Shit. Not that he hasn't released his share of wack songs; he has, as does any experimentalist. 

But his lyrics have been underrated. He's not talking complete nonsense; he has a story he wants to convey. He just happens to tell it in a unique way. Although he's a great songwriter, he's also got something to say, cultivating a bunch of different emotions and moods in his music.

These are a few of them. Without further ado: 10 Young Thug Songs You Need To Know.

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