Young Thug and Bloody Jay keep pushing forward their Black Portland project with "Parade." The new track is from their forthcoming release True Blood, slated for this summer.

In a recent interview with The FADER, Jay explained why the Atlanta rappers decided to dub themselves Black Portland in the first place: “We’re on fire right now in the streets of Atlanta, and we’re stoners, so you know, we’re the Blazers and Atlanta is Black Portland."

Young Thug and Jay are on everyone's radar right now, collectively and as solo artists, but the rising stars have been ankled with legal troubles; both were arrested recently on separate incidents. Young Thug was charged with "Possession Of A Schedule IV Controlled Substance, Driving Without Seat Belt, Reckless Conduct, Driving In Circular Or Zig-Zag Course 'Laying Drags" and Reckless Driving. At this time, it is unknown whether he is still incarcerated.

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