The #NaeNae dance is quickly spreading across the nation thanks to the music video for "Drop That #NaeNae," and soon it will be something that becomes bigger than the artist who created it, akin to Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat." Before that happens though, Atlanta rap group We Are Toonz want everyone to know that they are the masterminds behind this latest dance craze. Accept no imitations. "We Are Toonz are the official creators of the NaeNae dance. Anybody else, it's a fluke," the group tells VladTV in a recent interview.

We Are Toonz describe how they first thought up the dance, which came about as a funny skit they put together before a show. It drew a lot of attention when they posted the video on Instagram, so naturally their next step was to capitalize on their #NaeNae buzz. Now, they want to be the go-to group whenever music fans think about rappers who can dance. "Basically we're trying to bring something a little bit more creative, more diverse," Crash says.

We Are Toonz also talk about meeting Dwight Howard, star center for the Houston Rockets. According to the rap group, Howard posted videos online of him doing the dance. He then reached out to the group, and they met up in Atlanta to record a video. We Are Toonz hint at a special surprise for the upcoming NBA All-Star weekend.

Watch the full clip above, where the group also demonstrate the proper way to do the #NaeNae dance.

[via VladTV]

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