Who is the king of Los Angeles? It's such a star-studded city it's hard to say, but there's one name that at least has to come up in the conversation: Kobe Bryant. And, if Tyga gets his way, he'll be following in the famous Laker's footsteps. On "Young Kobe," off of his recent mixtape Well Done 4, Tyga compares himself to, well, a young Kobe. He's "king in LA," he's got "white bitches" and "Spanish bitches"—the similarities seem self-evident.

Directed by Alex Nazari, the video also puts Tyga in scenery fit for a king, draping him in furs and parading him around a cool-as-hell mansion. He also flies in on a helicopter to stand in front of a huge sculpture, which seems like something a rich person would do. And he has a pet cheetah. And two naked girls who just stand around next to him. Young Kobe leads quite the life.

Check out the video above.

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