The prolific Brazilian bass music duo Tropkillaz has struck again with a slowed-down trap heater called "Badman." I know what you're thinking already, "another 'Badman' song? Really?" And you're not wrong —  I can think of a handful of tracks off the top of my head (notably, Vato Gonzalez' "Badman Riddim") that all either proclaim themselves as badman anthems or rely on badman samples, so to call it a trope of urban dance music is probably putting it lightly. Formulaic and a little predictable though it may be, it's hard not to imagine this absolutely going off in a dancefloor setting. It's not the cream of the crop that the serious heads might be used to, but it's a catchy little jam with some neat ideas (yo, that beat-slicing) that won't scare the casual listeners away. We'll let you decide.