When Daft Punk won album of the year at this year's Grammys, it really was a landmark moment for electronic music. That along with Disclosure's nominations and otherwise healthy electronic music representation has lent a new credibility to the artistic merit of 'electronic dance music' - EDM. Now there's even a recognized market for perhaps more artistically sophisticated forms of electronic music. Not so much sophisticated to mean better, just to mean more complex. Now the bar has been raised and a good beat isn't just enough. For artists like the UK's Tourist, that's going to be no problem.

With an already stack catalog of dope remixes for Sam Smith, HAIM, and CHVRCHES and excellent collaborations in the bag with Javeon in the bang, Tourist is primed for a big 2014. The newest hit for Tourist is a soulful Will Heard sung single, "I Can't Keep Up." A sparkling anthem fit for summer festival sunsets and the darkest of discoteques equally. Grab Tourist's Method Records EP Patterns when it drops this spring.