Squnto is the Holliston, Massachusetts born-and-livin' producer who first caught my attention when he collaborated with Idaho's Kai Waichi last year and came out with this absolute MONSTER of a track in "Brain Splat." Now he's back on DAD with this solo cut - "Powers."

With Squnto's new take on Austin Powers, the up-start producer has just that in his arsenal. No, there's no amazing sound design and even conceptually it's nothing amazing, but there's definitely something to be said for a dope movie-sample flipping trap banger that will just make a crowd go wild at just the right time - and that's what this is. We had this on repeat for a good few days and we've played this in our sets and the result has been dope. Now I'm thinking between this and the other heat Squnto has…when is he going on tour? Don't sleep on this tune and grab the download below.