Mixtape: Trap Music: Million Dollar Kidd Edition 
Producer: 808 Mafia 

New cut from Spiiker off the new Trap Music: Million Dollar Kidd tape from Trapaholics DJs Ace and X-Rated. The tape itself is recommended listening for songs like "City Ride," "25 Lighters," "Livin Like Diddy," "The Police," and of course any tape hosted by Jose Guapo is going to have his "Fuck The Rap Game" on it. This time it’s the version with Migos. Spiiker made some appearances on the Crazy 8 tape as well as last month’s Trappy New Years tape, which has a more autotune-heavy jam, "Juice."

"Basic" seems to be another progression in the style he was messing with on "Juice." What makes it interesting is the beat and the layering of vocals. Producers 808 Mafia base the whole thing on a simple 808 roll and a snare accented by varying sounds that play for a few bars and then change up. Spiiker runs his voice through the gargling "aquatune" (a term I have made up for a technique Future made popular) sound with some distorted adlibs, punched up with enough reverb to make it sound like this he’s rapping inside of some underwater cave in space. The use of autotune is not to the extreme of Chief Keef’s "Go To Jail," but it’s definitely enough to qualify as aquatune. Spiiker’s song is one of the more easily understandable versions of the technique, but even when it’s totally unintelligible, it’s still dope to hear words rolling over each over into hazy distant echos that are right in front of your face.

Also, this is the best song out that lets you know wearing leggings seven days a week is some basic-ass shit.

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