This is one of the times when blogging about electronic dance music is awesome. Not to say it's bad otherwise - there are definitely worse jobs. Still, it can be a bit of a slog sometimes with little in the way of encouragement. In this case, it's a pleasure, because I get to premiere an EP from one of my favourite global bass dance music acts. Not only that, but I have been able to get for you, our Do Androids Dance readers, a limited time free download of one of the tracks from the EP.

Unless you didn't read the title when you clicked on this link, you know it's South Rakkas Crew. Headed by record producer/dj Dennis "D-Rakkas" Shaw, they are the act that is pretty much responsible for the whole dancehall/EDM music hybrid (think Major Lazer). Their new EP "Inatwist/Champagne" released through Overcooked Records dropped today exclusively on Beatport, with a wider release on March 10. Through an agreement with D-Rakkas and the label we have been given the right to give out one of the tracks from this EP, "Champagne," for free. It's a great party starter with a dembow (dare I say moombahton?) beat that is sure to get everyone behaving badly and making poor decisions.