Given that dance DJ superstar A-Trak has recently released rap tracks produced alongside the likes of Party Supplies (for Cam'ron) and Lex Luger (for Young Thug), the defining story of EDM 2014 so far could easily be the mainstreaming of a resurgent awareness by dance producers that rap has always been a most ideal form of party music. That being said, it's then well worth the time to visit the SoundCloud of UK producers Guised and Comrade Massie who co-produce as a unit (that with 50+ SoundCloud followers) is appropriately-named Slept On. Of the two tracks posted, "Girl (I Wanna Know)," is the winner. Upon a sonic landscape feeling chilled and barren enough to support your favorite dance-friendly form of percussive and bass-laden bliss, staccato kickdrum loops, tight snares and snatches of soulful melodies collide for something that feels more like what one could imagine locking J Dilla and MJ Cole in a studio would've sounded like. If Disclosure's getting remixed by DJ Premier, then yes, there's absolutely a space for this to exist, thrive and certainly have a much greater following.