It wasn't that long ago 8prn was lacing me with the first promos from his new label, ASL Singles Club.  The imprint, which he started with Heartbeat(s), has already impressed DAD a bunch with a string of groovin' releases.  House, future bass, techno...whatever you call it, there's something about this clique that'll really make a dancefloor groove.  For the latest release they enlisted NYC's Sleepyhead.

The EP brings together five classic-inspired house tracks.  A touch of those '90s R&B vocals, quick and catchy arrangements, and a pervading ethereal atmospheric ambiance that ties this all together.  These warm yet expansive tracks retain a a throwback feel and rolls along so smoothly.  Smooth like you might move at the ol' roller rink.  Either way, I'm feeling these tunes and you need em.