While DAD doesn't spend time reporting news (because football doesn't pay the bills), we do keep abreast of what's happening outside of the dance music scene. When Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went ham after winning the NFC Championship this year, we totally understood where he was coming from. How would you act if you'd pulled off an awesome play when it counted against a guy you'd had a growing beef with? Sherman had the stage and let the world know that he was the man. It's something that we wished would happen with drum & bass more often.

Like it or not, drum & bass is the greatest electronic music genre. Possibly the greatest genre of all forms of music. And while it might come off like Richard Sherman (in your face, no nonsense, and menacing), there's also a beauty to the fast-paced rhythms. Is drum & bass the Richard Sherman of dance music? Not necessarily... but we have a feeling Sherman might benefit from a ridiculous amount of dnb to get psyched for the Super Bowl. So here you go, Richard; here's a playlist to take you from getting hype in the locker room to when you're on the field, slaughtering the competition.