DMX's publicist, Domenick Nati, recently appeared on ABC 13 in Lynchburg, Virginia to clear up the matter regarding the rapper participating in a celebrity boxing match with George Zimmerman.

He reiterates what was said in the statement yesterday, that DMX did not sign any paperwork for the celebrity boxing match. He also explains how this whole ordeal was blown out of proportion. "This went from literally a reporter asking [DMX], 'Would you do this? And what would you do if you were in the situation?' And DMX fans know that he gets excited and shoots his mouth off," Nati says. "He's not going to answer any question the politically correct way. He's gonna answer how he feels."

"I think the whole concept of George Zimmerman doing this is insulting," Nati adds, before criticizing Zimmerman for his intentions. DMX's intentions? Evidently pure. Watch the full interview above. 

[via ABC 13]

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