Back in November we got word that Porter Robinson signed with Astralwerks, with word that his long-awaited album would be on the way. While we can't say anything but "this video is trippy as fuck," it looks like the project is entitled Worlds, and via Porter, it should be "coming soon." After about 33 seconds of utter beauty in the form of purple mountains playing the visual to some symphonic excellence, the "broadcast" gets cut out with an eerie noise and message, only to then dive into the utter trippiness of feedback and a voice continuously chanting "worlds."

We're no closer to knowing what this album is going to sound like, but Porter has our attention.

EDIT Could the album be set to drop on March 26?

@MrRagerx also goes a bit deeper into this: "it's really obvious once you notice it. it's in XYZWYX format and once you decipher that it =4/1/2014. even without this format you see the last two characters which =41 and inverted first half so fucking 4/1/2014."