While the trap scene exploded in America first, don't think of it as a purely stateside sound. There are scenes brewing worldwide, including out in Russia, the home of Oiki. If you're not up on Oiki, you need to get to know: his tunes have been dropped by Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, UZ, Skream, Borgore, and others, and had had two of Dub Police's most successful tunes to be released in 2013 via his Get It Now EP. He's putting on for the trap scene in Moscow, and will continue to do so if he keeps releasing tunes like "Ratchet," which dropped earlier this week. Being the nosy androids that we are, we had to get a quick chat in with Oiki about his come up, and he even hit us with a sick promo mix to help you get an early jump on your weekend. Turn up.

Your name started ringing in our ears in 2013, with everyone from Skrillex to Skream dropping your tunes. When did you first get into producing music, and who were some of your influences?
I started producing music when I was 16, I'm 23 now. I grew up on dubtechno and old school drum & bass, not what's going on now. Like jump up drum & bass and lots of technoid, lots of old punk like Blink 182 and NOFX. I loved Daft Punk, they were a big influence to me. They had such amazing melodies and big atmospheres, big ideas in the songwriting.

When did the praise you'd been receiving turn into releases for Dub Police?
I got my first release (Get It Now) early in 2013, I think it was February.

Were you initially surprised at the love your tunes were getting?
Yes, of course, this is the most important thing to me so it is the best feeling, I appreciate the support so much from everyone. I'm always retweeting on Twitter and liking posts, and supporters are the most important thing to me.

Your tune “Groove” got over big in the trap scene; does Moscow have a big trap music audience?
Moscow has a big trap scene, there are lots of new parties starting up every month. Trap is definitely the big sound in Russia right now.

Talk to us about your new single, “Ratchet.”
I'm just trying to make something new and different, I think "Rachet" is a new idea. I want to do things that are new and exciting, and I think "Rachet" is an example of that.

Do you have any plans for touring over here in the States in the near future? Where can heads worldwide check you out live?
Right now I'm trying to get together a tour in the U.S. for the Summer, and I'm always playing Arena Moscow in Russia – and other parts of Russia.

What are some of your goals, musically?
I just want to express myself, and try to push the boundaries. I think it's important to do new things and not get caught up in trends and sounding a specific way.

Before we get into this mix, we have to ask: do androids dance?
Of course they do.

"Ratchet" is out now on Beatport and iTunes.


1. Oiki - Get It Now (Flex VIP) - Trolley Snatcha - Make My Whole World
2. Agbo - Angry Style
3. Agbo - Angry Style (iBenji Remix)
4. Caspa - My Pet Monster
5. Djemba Djemba x London Future - Look At Me Now ft. Ifa Sayo
6. Oiki - Groove
7. The Others x Emalkay - Fall Out
8. The Frim - Bassline Skanka
9. Arston - Zodiac (Dropzone Remix)
10. Oiki - Ratchet
11. Kill The Noise – Jokes On You (Kill The Noise VIP)
12. Trolley Snatcha - Make My Whole World - Oiki - Groove
13. Birdy Nam Nam: Goin' In - Skrillex "Goin' Down” Mix
14. Emalkay - Fabrication
15. Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Luminox remix)
16. Oiki - Are You Scared
17. Gent x Jaws - Turnup
18. Spenca feat. Synclan - Do It Live (The Juggernaut Remix)
19. Caspa - Fulham 2 Waterloo