Today has been a pretty busy day for Nicki Minaj, just a day removed from her drop of "Lookin A** N***A" she stops by Hot 97 to speak with Angie Martinez about recent events.

On "Lookin A** N***A" and pissing people off:

There's so many records that come out daily, and they're bashing females. And I feel like I'm in a position to put out a record to empower women in our way...we never get a chance to talk crazy. We don't always want to tell you "I love you."

While she's already addressed the Malcolm X controversy at length on Instagram earlier today she adds to that saying:

Someone sent me that was almost parallel. He has a big gun and he's ready to shoot at a 'lookin ass [bleep]'. This is one of the most memorable people in black history who voiced his opinion no matter what...I definitely didn't want to offend his legacy.

Nicki also talks about the new Young Money album and her relationship with Drake:

Drake and I are great...he was the one to tell me to get on "Danny Glover." I think the whole team feels so together right now.

Nicki is mum on the release of her new album The Pinkprint saying that no one will ever know when it's coming. Adding that she won't release a date until she has truly finished the album, Nicki states that she isn't trying to pull a "Beyoncè" and release it out of nowhere. 

Young Money: Rise Of An Empire drops March 11. 

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