Straight from the UK's Tumble Audio crew, I've got a special treat for you all today.  The young and extremely talented Nativ has put together a mixtape of ridiculously wicked grime, UK funky and all around amazing bass music to hype his debut release with Tumble Audio dropping next week (watch out for a premiere on that one too).  This 33+ minute work out of all things uptempo that rumble is loaded with tunes from the likes of Shackleton, Cooly G, and Doctor Jeep, as well as a couple of exclusive cuts from Nativ as well not featured on his Shifty EP that's dropping on February 17.  Basically, this mixtape is beyond rad and I'm stoked to be the guy that gets to share it with you.  Bass music always feels so next level when it's done this well.


Shackleton - Freezing Opening Thawing
Majora - One51
Cooly G - Oi Dirty
Brunks - Exit
Doctor Jeep - Vortex
Moet & Benson - You Probably Know
Ejeca - Show Your Love
Pote - Glitch
Nativ - Rudeboi
Champion - 1991
Killjoy - When You're Gone
Nu Era - Badman Sound
Killjoy & Cloaka - Prone
Nu Era - Carelessness
Nativ - More