Mr. Carmack is ridiculous. The one man in the music industry that could single-handedly supply a small blog with his releases is back, this time uploading three records in a two-hour clip. The first is a bouncy record with vocals from Donnis (where the hell has he been hiding at for the past year?), using just a few words from this rapper as a sampled instrument, and allowing a hook to build at the end of the tune. It ends abruptly, and is one of the biggest records we've ever heard Carmack produce.

The second tune is actually two records. Wonky sounds, a vocal sample from Run DMC, and earth shattering lows complete "a blouse that zips up from behind". When directed to Bandcamp, this tune is offered for a dollar along with a VIP which you can't hear unless you make the purchase.  My journalistic duties pretty much forced me to, and you should know that it's got the same samples, but it's a reconstructed slowed down version with unrelentless bass drops.  You can stream the original below: