There's a lot of amazing things aligning here with this premiere.  First off, it's new material from Klaxons. This alone is momentous as they were essentially one of the first acts to really take off in blog culture almost 10 years ago and have even had trends based on them in the UK.  Basically, they broke the internet before there was such a thing.  Second, there are some serious names affiliated with this new material that's supposed to be presented as a new album in the Spring.  The album appears to be steered in some part by Tom Rowlands (1/2 of the Chemical Brothers...HELLO) and the one and only James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records).  These facts alone have me geeked as they are two of my bigger influences in all of dance music.  Third, this premiere.  Word is Gorgon City produced the original and Claptone, who's been on fire in the disco house realm for some time, took this to the deep house stratosphere.  So essentially this whole project seems crazy and I'm officially now on pins and needles waiting for more to drop.