Mixtape: Drilluminati 2
Producer: Bobby Johnson 

Cut from Drilluminati 2 that dropped in December, but "Again" has been on repeat for a minute. King Louie is on smash with it, so fuck it—you need to be reminded that this exists. Jeep Music had moments, but it wasn’t really hitting, so this is more than welcomed. It’s violent, paranoid, and all based on that rapid-fire bass. The beat is composed of just a few parts, but when it hits, it bangs, and Louie brings the appropriate amount of “fuck’em” to it. He’s on that statement rap, fitting for a punchy beat like this that comes in bursts of energy before reloading.

This is the highlight of the tape, and a great exercise in the appropriate use of adlibs. You could make the case that the entire song is adlibs, with the way he delivers each line. This is kind of a return to that original sinister-ness that made drill appealing. Autotune is cute and all, but when you’re trying to be menacing it just doesn’t cut the way straight up raps do. You lose the gruffness of the words that need to come through. Rather than spending time making one song a day for a month, Louie is better off making songs that showcase his viciousness.

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